If you would like to volunteer to help a committee with its work, simply send an email indicating that you would like to help on the Contact Us page. You do not need to be a member of the Board of Directors to help with a committee.
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3776 or 515-986-3408
Fred Roth This committee is in charge of getting items for the museum.
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3776
Carolyn & Fred Roth
Audit & By-Laws
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3903 or 515-986-3755
Gene Atchison & Don Friar This committee shall audit the treasurer's books. This committee will review By-Laws.
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3015
Squire Hutcheson It will be the treasurers duty to make the membership aware of any and all transactions for the Society, in regards to monies collected and disbursed. Also, to make sure the Society is within legal rights.
Membership & Programs
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3724

E-Mail Us or call 515-986-0289 or 515-986-3015
Lyle Peitzman
Public relations
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3755
Don Friar
Ways & Means
E-Mail Us or call 515-986-3076 or 515-986-3015
Marie Hutcheson
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